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Here is my little homestead on the World Wide Web. It is now slightly patterned with some nifty CSS tricks, but there isn't a huge amount of content to it. I decided it would be fun to experiment with the table layout principles in CSS. Below is a table of one row and three columns (HTML Homework, PHP Scripts, and About Me).

About Me

Me and my giant ball of tape

I was born on March 27th, 1981 in Wilmington, Delaware. After that, I lived all but one year of my life in Newark, Delaware. The exception was the year of 2004, when I lived in Durham, North Carolina. As a kid I was a bit of an underachieving student. I did quite well in all my classes, but they were easy classes, and I balked at the chance to challenge myself. As an adult I worked several technical support jobs until recently when I decided it would be best to take a chance and pursue my true passion of programming. So here I am.

In my spare time, I like to do what a lot of people do: watch television, play video games, do a little reading. The video games I am currently into the most are Starcraft II and an online game called Final Fantasy 11. One particularly offbeat hobby I have is Scambaiting, an activity in which you toy around with the senders of Nigerian scam E-Mails. I also enjoy adding to my tapeball. Sadly, I have done neither task in years.